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Versatile Egg Boiler and Electric Frying Pan

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    Versatile Egg Boiler Electric Frying Pan


    Eggs are great for breakfast and snack time and can even make a nice side dish when you have nothing else cooked for lunch or dinner

    With this multifunctional egg cooker from Dragon you can steam fry or boil eggs with great ease

    Non-Stick Coating The non-stick coating of this egg cooker lets you cook without having to come across any sticky spots on the surface

    Made of stainless steel the egg cooker is durable and very easy to clean

    Capacity Of Six Eggs.  This egg cooker lets you cook six eggs at a time, so making breakfast for the family is going to be fast and easy

    Includes A Steaming Bowl The egg cooker also comes with a steaming bowl which you can use to prepare hard-boiled eggs quickly

    Transparent Cover The transparent cover lets you see the status of the eggs in your cooker so you don t have to open the cooker to check the status of the eggs inside

    Material Plastic Nonstick.

    Stylish appearance contraption and time saving safe and convenient

    Dry burning will not damage reliability and long service life

    Body heating plate even one uniform heating high thermal efficiency

    Color Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange As Per Availability

    Combination of Egg Boiler with an electric frying pan for cooking frying and Hot Milk

    It has a non-stick coating which helps keep the food from sticking to the pan's surface

    This pan has a uniform heating plate and has a good thermal efficiency for cooking your food evenly and in less time

    It is a small size which is perfect for cooking items like eggs, pancakes fish etc

    You can use it to prepare and cook various food items and recipes

    This pan includes a clear lid for covering the pan and an egg cooking attachment

    The egg attachment has cavities on which you can keep the eggs for cooking It allows you to cook up to 7 eggs at a time


    Non-Stick Coating helps keep the food from sticking to the pan's surface

    Uniform Heating Plate with good thermal efficiency for cooking evenly

    Attachments and Accessories

    1 x Piece Clear Lid for Covering and

    1 x Pc Egg cooking Attachment Pan Diameter 15 cm Item DOES NOT INCLUDE Measuring cup Pin

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